Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to the Seminary

After spending the week with the Evangelists, Pastor Froh and I traveled back to the Seminary on Thursday afternoon. When we got back, we were treated to a show at the Lutheran Teachers College (in a neighboring compound), put on by the students there. It was fun to watch them.

Singing the Kenyan National Anthem

A storyteller


The choir sang some hymns

That night we gathered at Prof. Aadland's house for a farewell dinner and party. Kantor Resch cooked for us - he is really quite the chef!

The next morning I was privileged to preach for the morning Matins at the Seminary.

Then in the afternoon, it was off to the airport to return to Nairobi. We trusted Pastor Froh to tie our bags down tightly! (Yes, they all made it to the airport!)

(Can you imagine trying to take a picture like this at a US airport? They'd have your camera confiscated so fast it would make your head spin!)

While in Kisumu, we stopped at the Diakonia Compassionate Ministry compound, where Pastor Chuchu works. This organization does a number of caring ministries for the folks in and around Kisumu, including caring for widows and orphans, hosting a walk-in medical clinic, and they have a special education school on the premises. They are involved in a number of other initiatives also - check out their web site here for more information on them.

Tomorrow: Going to Church in the "slums" of Nairobi

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