Monday, March 2, 2009

Your Mission Dollars at Work

While in Kenya, one of the things I got to see were the buildings built by LCMS World Relief and Human Care to help the ELCK with their care for widows and orphans. Rev. David Chuchu is the Special Projects Coordinator for the ELCK and coordinates this work. He does an outstanding job with a challenge that is great. Below is a Support Center for widows near the Atemo Evangelist School where widows meet to make items to sell, for support, and for Bible Study.

The sign by the road of the Support Center (click on it for a bigger image,
and notice the LCMS WR&HC logo on the bottom right.)

Next is a new Orphan's Center being built in Kisii. There are so many orphans in Kenya due to AIDS. This center will house and care for 8 or 9 orphans. It is being built near one of our churches there, which also has a school for the orphans to attend.

Learning about the project from Pastor Chuchu.

Each of these building costs approximately $54,000 US - which for us really isn't that much, but which is prohibitively expense for them! The dollars that you give to LCMS WR&HC go a long way in Kenya, and we are very involved with the church and her projects there. We don't go in and tell them what to do - our folks listen to them and offer our help where needed and practical. They need to build many more centers like these to care for the people there. Hopefully we will be able to help even more in the future.

Tomorrow: Back to the Seminary

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